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Friday, June 10, 2011

Doris' Birthday Breakfast

I made a special breakfast for my wife Doris, special  because it was a upscale version of french toast.I used slices of my Easter Bread ( had in freezer), real bacon, almond cream cheese sauce, diced fresh bananas, coffee,decaf of course, sliced fresh strawberries, glass of juice.

 for the egg custard: 3 eggs, about 1/4 cup heavy cream (may sub milk), 1 tsp real vanilla extract.whisk vigorously to blend.
 Bread: use any rich bread you like, or have, don't use store  soft white bread it won't hold up.IMO 
Almond cream cheese sauce: 1 pkg 8oz softened cream cheese, unwrap place on plate micro wave 15- 20 or more seconds to soften
 2tbsps sugar, 1 tsp pure almond extract, 2-4 tbsps cream or milk, blend thoroughly till smooth.
1 medium banana diced  .

 Place sliced bread in egg custard to wet and turn to wet other side, leaving in as long as desired to achieve  the wetness you prefer.I personally don't like soggy wet french toast.
Have an electric griddle or skillet , or fry pan heated to 375 .
 Butter griddle or pan generously, place in slices of egg custard soaked bread, cook till golden brown ,then add more butter to pan and turn slices over onto melted butter , brown other side

 To arrange:
Place a slice of the cooked bread on a plate, top with some almond cream, ad diced banana, add second slice of toast, add a dollop of almond cream ,placed a piece of banana in cream, serve with crisp bacon, sausage, ham, or on it's own.
 Serve to the Special person in your life!

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  1. Wow! That look really good and sounds even better! or is that the other way around? I love french toast, and cream cheese, and bacon, and my mouth is watering!