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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBA#23 Pane Siciliano

I really enjoyed eating this bread, rich with the flavor of semolina,the sesame seeds adding a touch of nuttiness. The recipe uses a pate ferment ( a batch of pre fermented dough), after all ingredients are assembled and incorporated it's kneaded. allowed to rise till double.Then shaped into the 'S', creating a very handsome loaf, and then right into the fridge for an over night ferment.The slow cold ferment creates a depth of flavor which would be missing with baking after a room temp rise.
        I made this last week, but haven't had time to post it? Now that I'm retired, I often wonder how I found time to go to work! Seem to be always busy with something.... 
Let's make some bread!!                                                  
Removed the pate ferment from the fridge cut
 it up into lots of small pieces ,will warm faster
that way.


Into the mixer bowl, bread flour,semolina,salt yeast ,oil honey, water to make a tacky dough

After about 2 hours, rose nicely

Cut into three pieces

Shaped into baguettes first, allowed to rest,then extended to 18', let rest, then to 24", covered and let rest before I shaped them

Shaped into an 'S' by curling one end to the right and the other to the left

Placed the loaves onto a parchment lined pan, which was lightly oiled and dusted with cornmeal
covered with plastic and went into the fridge over night

Baked on the  pan with a steam pan and spraying water into the oven 3 times at 30 second intervals then lowered oven to 450 and baked 15 minutes,rotated pan and baked 10 minutes more till
 brown  .






  1. Awesome. They look great. :)

  2. Thanks Susie, they were delicious too!

  3. Jim, you are retired now!! Congratulations!!! I think your bread looks just as good as in the BBA cookbook! I can tell how much you are improving from doing these challenges!!!