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Thursday, June 30, 2011

BBA#25 Poolish Baguttes

 This is the 25th recipe ( 24th if you don't count the skipped pannetone), of our BBA 2011 challenge.This was a simple recipe, make a poolish starter,a wet bubbly prefermented dough, that ferments at room temp for several hours,then into the fridge overnight ,or up to 3 days. Then the final dough is made,allowed to rise, then keanded briefly to defate and proofed again till double, shaped, proofed again, and baked.
I m still amazed at how  much I need to pay more attention to the dough and feel it,especially if using a stand mixer. It was not as hydrated as thought and had to wet my hands and knead in more water a couple of times to get a tacky dough. This extra kneading,may be the  reason it was a little tough after the bake. So I need to more HANDS ON, lol. many years back, before I bought my kitchen aid, all my breads were truly 'hand made'.
Note: due to storage issues, all previous BBA posts will have only a photo of the finnished loaf.



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