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Saturday, July 2, 2011

WGB #5 Transitional Challah

I have made Challah many times, love the rich slightly sweet flavor toasted or famous french toast choice of every diner in NY.And probably every where else too.This is a part whole wheat recipe, I personally did not enjoy it as much as is.It ,IMO,is lacking flavor, maybe it's my sweet tooth telling me there's not enough sweetening in this bread. I did have one goof during the process, both the bread had risen to begin shaping, and dinner was ready at the same time, poor time management on my part. So I punched down the dough ,let it rise again while we enjoyed our diner of my can tuna fish balls with anchovy kissed marinara tomato sauce over angel hair pasta , thats' another post someday.
 The recipe uses a soaker of ww flour, water ,salt which is mixed and covered to sit at room temp over night.The biga contains egg and 4 egg yolks,yeast, water and bread flour to make a tacky dough. It was sticky goo, had to add extra flour to be able to knead it to get a tacky dough.Guess my flour has lots of moisture in it.  The biga is then refridgerated over night. The final dough is then made.
Let's make some bread.....  Note,I had some issues with photo storage,as a result I will repost only 2 photos of this bread.




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  1. Hey, it looks good, even if you didn't really care for the taste! My weekly challah is a half-whole-wheat version with dried cherries, so maybe I need to give this one a try...but on the other hand, I like my recipe.

    I don't have WGB so don't know which 6-strand braid he offers, but this is the set of instructions I learned from: http://www.headcoverings-by-devorah.com/images-judaic/Challah6a_StrandBraid.JPG
    plus a video from Youtube. There are a couple of other 6-strand methods, but this one makes for a rounder loaf.