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Saturday, July 9, 2011

WGB# 6 Transitional Country Hearth Bread

This is the 6th recipe of our Whole Grains Bread Challenge,Hosted by Jenni @  .
 http://somethingtosavor.blogspot.com/2011/05/wgb-challange.html.The  Name of the recipe suggests a transition from white to part whole wheat bread, which is exactly the purpose, to gradually bake part whole wheat breads before taking on the 100 percent whole wheat recipes. I would also think this is helpful adjusting other family members to the taste and texture of whole grain breads,especially if this is new to their palate. The bread uses a soaker of whole wheat flour, and a biga, of bread flour,  both are left over night,the soaker ,to well ,soak hence the name, the biga is refrigerated after a 2 hour rise, this develops flavors.
The process is common bread dough steps, mix soaker and biga (after it has warmed from fridge) with yeast, salt, some additional ww flour,knead,rise,shape ,rise, bake.
 The shaping is of choice, boule,batards, loaf pan, I chose a boule to be more attuned to the 'country' aspect of shaped hearth breads. The finished loaf was a deep brown, the crumb was dense and spongy, and with a nutty wheat flavor, a delicious country type bread.
Let's make some bread!

the biga is cut up to warm,the whole wheat soaker in bowl
the biga,soaker,salt,yeast,some ww flour,then water to make a soft slightly sticky dough
the dough was then kneaded by hand ,adding ww flour to create a soft tacky dough,allowed to rest 5 minutes, then kneaded again for 1 minute.it was then placed in an oiled bowl to rise till 1 1/2 original size.Then placed in a bowl lined with floured muslin to rise again. 
the loaf was baked on a stone,with steam pan in oven. The bread was nutty with a pleasant wheat flavor.


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