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Monday, September 26, 2011

WGB # 17 Potato Onion Rye Meteil

This bread I enjoyed eating, due to the more than 50% whole wheat flour, which made a big difference in the texture and flavor. The only issue i had was making two breads at the same time, The BBA ,100% Rye Sour Dough and this one. Both called for a starter, the sour dough a rye starter, which I had on hand,and a whole wheat starter for the Rye meteil. Well of course I mistakenly used the rye starter in the meteil, and the whole wheat in the rye sour dough. 
  The result was a more than tangy flavor in the rolls, and a bit sour tasting, but still very good eating. I haven't decided if I will just make a new rye starter for the BBA bread, more than likely that will happen. As I'm too busy to make the bread now, so the new starter will come first.
 Here are the photos..........

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WGB # 16 Rye Sandwich Seigle

The 16th bread of this whole grain bread challenge is a rye sandwich bread called a Rye Seigle, due to the more then 50% rye flour content of the dough. With the freezer filling with rye sandwich breads, i chose to do a small loaf 7x3 and made rolls with the rest of the dough. Here again I find PR's pan size reccomendation too small. The total weight of the dough was 2 ounces shy of 3 pounds. Even that would overflow a 9x5 pan.
   The bread is in it's final rise prior to baking, so I''ll be back later.......
I'm back, this is the most dense rye yet, I added anise seeds, in my opinion, it didn't help.This is not my type of bread. it's tangy with a strong rye flavor almost bitter, I won't make this again.

WGB#15 Rye Sandwich Meteil bread

The adventure, enjoyment and of course the learning of doing this challenge is very rewarding both in the eating and knowledge of baking. PR explains that a Meteil is less then 50% rye flour dough, wheareas a Seigle is more then 50% rye dough. All very new terms to me. the Rye Meteil just came out of the oven and the entire house has that wonderfull aroma of an onion rye bread ! Those in this challenge know the aroma,as well as other home bakers, It is almost as satisfying as actually eating the bread, it makes the home feel like home, warm and inviting. Well, I have to wait for the Meteil to cool before I can continue....In the mean time here is the photo
This bread is dense compared to NY deli rye ,which i prefer, although, it was tasty, a bit tangy.We enjoyed it spread with a non-butter spread.

WGB # 14 Oat Bran Broom Bread

OK, there are no brooms in this bread! Peter Reinhart's description refers to the cleansing effect of this high fiber bread, sweeping out the colon so to speak. I have been behind in this challenge due to the heat here in the South as in many areas of  the country. I started a baking marathon on Friday, outside temperature 60 degrees! did 3 breads, #'s 12,13,14,Today Sunday, the Rye Meteil, and the Rye Seigle. Having soo much bread at one time ,I froze them after tasting and photos, oopps, forgot to photo this bread. Went to the freezer and took it out to defrost a bit before the photo.
  The flavor is wheaty of course with a dense texture, I would like this a little sweeter and I added sunflower seeds to enhance the taste,and add texture. I don't know if I would make this again. With soo many whole grain breads to chose from ,i can't say this is a favorite.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

WGB # 13 Multi Grain Straun Bread

This bread contains a mixture of cooked grains to be determined by the baker, which allows for personal taste or adventure. I chose red Bulgar, cracked wheat, whole rye berries,whole wheat berries, flax seeds, quinoa, bulgar, and wheat bran. The whole berries were cooked together, the others in a separate pot.
      The flavor is of wheat  with a chewy texture due to the grains, a very tasty wheat bread.

Friday, September 16, 2011

WGB # 12 Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

The weather has finnaly cooled, today (9/16/11) it's 60 here in Charlotte NC, perfect baking weather!I took a long break as many others did due to the heat this summer,the house has that wonderfull aroma of bread again!
I did # 11 ,the Rustic Bread, but some how forgot to photo it, and it's long been eaten! So I'll have yo do it again. Made the soakers and biga's last night for the Multi Grain Straun, and the Oat Bran Broom Bread. The Straun is cooling, and the Oat Bran Bread  just went into the oven,so I've got 13,14 to date yet to be posted.
 The Whole Wheat Bread was very tasty,a good wheat, flavor tender crumb. I have noticed that PR's suggested pan sizes  are too small for the amount of dough. A 2 lb dough needs a 9x5 pan, not wanting a dinner plate size slice of bread,went with 2 7x3 pans 1 lb dough each. This makes a more mangeable sandwich slice, in my opinion. Plus a second loaf to freeze or give away .

If you would like to join us on our baking adventure, get a copy of Peter Reinhart's book, whole Grain Breads, it's being hosted at ....http://somethingtosavor.blogspot.com/
                         Happy Baking To All!