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Monday, August 27, 2012

Biscuit jaconde Imprime Entremet

OK, I know I have been mia for a while, Jan we started the ww diet, which of course meant NO bread..ugghh.
 Well, lost some weight, gained some weight, still not doing the BBA, maybe begin again in the fall.
 The real reason for this post is the dessert I made, although i did try this a coupla years ago, it was not successful then.
 Happy to say this one WAS!
 During my unending Internet recipe surfing, came upon the Daring Bakers Site again, felt it was time to try again, I love food  challenges!
 I must say, visit them, an outstanding group of home bakers, making fabulous creations. I used their Jan 2011 baking challenge for this dessert, which is a decorated sponge cake wrapped around and enclosing the fillings...I'm beginning  to drool...well you get what i mean.

  Here is the cake as it was assembled...
decorated almond sponge cake strips and cut  layers 

8" spring form pan, base wrapped with plastic wrap placed on parchment lined tray

base layer with decorated almond sponge strips around wall, i brushed the cake with a light dose of brandy, could also use a sweet dessert wine, like marsala. 

The fillings first layer,chocolate mousse, 2nd orange mousse,
 3rd whipped cream then topped with brandy dosed almond sponge layer.
same order of fillings to top of pan ,my munchkin chef keeps close eye on proceedings

top dusted with cocoa powder, i let the cake mellow overnight before serving

view of layers

sources: almond sponge: daring bakers Jan 2011 challenge
chocolate mousse: Alton brown recipe (I used 60% cocoa chocolate chips and bourbon instead of rum) 
imo: the chocolate mousse could be a little lighter, it was very rich, the orange mousse, while delicious has a strong citrus taste that did soften somewhat against the whipped cream .Next time i would  lighten  both mousse recipes, less chocolate and less orange juice .
This is not to say it wasn't heavenly, just very rich.

orange mousse:   http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1837,148160-244197,00.html
daring bakers: