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Homemade Almond Paste

One of my favorite holiday desserts to make is Rainbow or 7 layer cookies.I'm aware there are hundres of 'rainbow cookie recipes,I'm not refering to the 'cookie type',this is a layered almond  paste sponge cake,each layer colored ,one red(more pink),one neutral,one green,and topped    with a chocolate coating,YUM! The almond paste recipe is simple ,easy, economical compared to buying little tubes or cans.                                                                                             
  The Recipe For Homemade Almond Paste                                                                                   
  1&1/2 Cups ( 8 oz) blanched Almonds*(see note)
  1&1/2Cups Powered Sugar 
   1 Egg White                           
   1 Tsp Almond Extract           
  Grind almonds in a food processor till fine,(don't over do,and make almond butter)
 Add the powdered sugar and process till blended,add egg white,almond extract,process till combined and begins to ball together. Remove from processor gather into a disc or rectangle, use ,or place in plastic wrap ,refridgerate till needed.Can be frozen also. 

 *You can use,if you wish, the almonds in their skins,as it is belived to hold mucho nutrients.Naturraly the color will be different.
If you have time,you may also blanch your own almonds,I buy mine in 3 lb bags at a food club for about $10,which is $3.33 about per lb,compared to &6.99-7.99 for blanched.
 To blanch almonds ,bring to boil several cups of water or an amount that will cover the almonds in a bowl by an inch..Pour the boiling water over the almonds,time 2-3 minutes,drain alomonds,place on a cokkie sheet to one side.taking an almond between thumb and forefinger pointed end away,gently squeeze and the shell will slip off.NOW the fun begins,if you squeeze too hard they will rocket away,I cover their escape with my other hand.It will take about 30 min to do 1&1/2 cups almonds.Because they were in water they will be slightly moist compared to commercially processed almonds,use them as you have finnished blanching,as they wont keep as well,or freeze till needed.If while grinding them they gather,you may add some of the powdered sugar to keep them going.

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