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Monday, September 26, 2011

WGB # 17 Potato Onion Rye Meteil

This bread I enjoyed eating, due to the more than 50% whole wheat flour, which made a big difference in the texture and flavor. The only issue i had was making two breads at the same time, The BBA ,100% Rye Sour Dough and this one. Both called for a starter, the sour dough a rye starter, which I had on hand,and a whole wheat starter for the Rye meteil. Well of course I mistakenly used the rye starter in the meteil, and the whole wheat in the rye sour dough. 
  The result was a more than tangy flavor in the rolls, and a bit sour tasting, but still very good eating. I haven't decided if I will just make a new rye starter for the BBA bread, more than likely that will happen. As I'm too busy to make the bread now, so the new starter will come first.
 Here are the photos..........

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  1. ooh those look so tasty! I love rolls that are full of flavor