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Friday, September 16, 2011

WGB # 12 Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

The weather has finnaly cooled, today (9/16/11) it's 60 here in Charlotte NC, perfect baking weather!I took a long break as many others did due to the heat this summer,the house has that wonderfull aroma of bread again!
I did # 11 ,the Rustic Bread, but some how forgot to photo it, and it's long been eaten! So I'll have yo do it again. Made the soakers and biga's last night for the Multi Grain Straun, and the Oat Bran Broom Bread. The Straun is cooling, and the Oat Bran Bread  just went into the oven,so I've got 13,14 to date yet to be posted.
 The Whole Wheat Bread was very tasty,a good wheat, flavor tender crumb. I have noticed that PR's suggested pan sizes  are too small for the amount of dough. A 2 lb dough needs a 9x5 pan, not wanting a dinner plate size slice of bread,went with 2 7x3 pans 1 lb dough each. This makes a more mangeable sandwich slice, in my opinion. Plus a second loaf to freeze or give away .

If you would like to join us on our baking adventure, get a copy of Peter Reinhart's book, whole Grain Breads, it's being hosted at ....http://somethingtosavor.blogspot.com/
                         Happy Baking To All!

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