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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WGB#15 Rye Sandwich Meteil bread

The adventure, enjoyment and of course the learning of doing this challenge is very rewarding both in the eating and knowledge of baking. PR explains that a Meteil is less then 50% rye flour dough, wheareas a Seigle is more then 50% rye dough. All very new terms to me. the Rye Meteil just came out of the oven and the entire house has that wonderfull aroma of an onion rye bread ! Those in this challenge know the aroma,as well as other home bakers, It is almost as satisfying as actually eating the bread, it makes the home feel like home, warm and inviting. Well, I have to wait for the Meteil to cool before I can continue....In the mean time here is the photo
This bread is dense compared to NY deli rye ,which i prefer, although, it was tasty, a bit tangy.We enjoyed it spread with a non-butter spread.

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