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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lady Finger Sponge

I wanted to make tiramisu, could not find lady fingers (soft ones)  anywhere it's as if they had a season!! Looked for a recipe on line, found Wolfgang Puck's tiramisu recipe and one for the sponge included.Made his  version it was good, but I prefered Emeril's better. So now I use Wolfgang's sponge and Emeril's teramisu, I'm happy. So now that I can make my OWN lady finger sponge, I see lady fingers in every store, some one up there woke up. But still make my own, need 3 pkgs ,cost about $8, sponge cost less than $2.
 here is the lonk for Puck's recipe with lady finger sponge.........the only thing I added was a tsp of vanilla to the whipped yoks...
 Here are the steps in photos........

beat  6 eggyolk with 1/4 sugar untill light in color
in seperate bowl beat  6  egg whites to soft peaks
slowly add 1/4 sugar and beat to medium peaks
fold in half of the cup of sifted cake flour
fold in half of the egg whites
fold in remaining cake flour
fold in rest of egg whites
spread onto a 12x16 pan (this is a half sheet pan 13x17)
bake in preheated 350 oven 12-15 minutes till golden, don't look for a deep brown or it will be over baked, thats it! This can be used for all types of desserts, strawberry short cake, pudding cake layer, etc. Or how about sponge between layers of chocolate pudding and pastry cream, yummy!

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