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Friday, July 22, 2011


My wife and I really enjoy Tiramisu, but I will not make versions using raw egg yolks, yuck. The sabayon method is basically cooking the yolks with sugar as they are whisked over a double boiler, to a temperature of 170 degrees, cooking them, but not scrambling them. Emeril Lagasse's recipe is such, it is also a little different in structure. Most recipes call for a square or rectangular pan, I prefer to use a 9" spring form pan, as it's easier to cut a cake like slice ,than scooping out a square from a pan without making a sloppy mess of your work. Draw back ,there will be leakage from the wine in the sponge layer.I can live with that. 
I also prefer to make my own lady finger sponge using Wolfgang Puck's recipe. Lot cheaper than spending $9 on store bought!
Here is  the link to his sponge, I tried his version of Teramisu, but like Emeril's better 


Here is the link to the recipe..........
Let's make some Tiramisu!!

in heat  proof bowl over simmering water beat egg yolks and sugar till light and thick,  and hot to the touch (170) do not boil! or they will scramble.
add the 1/2 cup of sweet wine ( I use Florio Sweet Marsala) and continue beating till thick
add the cooled melted dark chocolate to the egg mixture, fold in well
whip the egg whites to stiff peaks
fold into the egg chocolate mixture
to the cup of ricotta add 1/4 cup strong coffee , I use freeze dried coffee 1+1/4 tsp and water , it's quick and simple, blend well
whip heavy cream to soft peaks,add the tsp sugar and whip to stiff peaks
if using spring form pan, use bottom to 2 cut layers ,use trimmings to fill gap, or cut to required shape
I wrapped bottom in foil, place sponge layer,soak sponge with 1/2 of the 3/4 sweet wine,you can tell from the photo I forgot and had to stop and add the wine, spread half of the coffee ricotta onto sponge
spread 1/2 of the chocolate mixture onto the ricotta layer
spread 1/2 the whipped cream over the chocolate layer, the chocolate mixture should have been firmer ,as the stiff cream was difficult to spread. Realized that I mistakenly used the 3rd egg white instead of two, that caused the chocolate mixture to be too soft.
add 2nd sponge layer and soak with remaining wine
at this point I changed the order to ricotta, then the stiff cream

Note: this photo is of a second one I recently made, with all the layers in proper order  
making the chocolate mixture the final layer ,instead of  the cream, for a better appearance.cover with plastic wrap ,refrigerate at least 24 hours to set and the flavors to marry, it's even better the 3rd day!
 There you have it,Tiramisu courtesy of Emeril lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck


  1. The finished product looks amazing!!!

  2. HI Jim, This is so perfectly done!! I love tiramisu, but i didn't know how to make it! Your pictures are so reviling!!!! I just want to make it too!
    Thanks for your comment to my blog, Is this a new blog for you?, good job, ilibili