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Monday, July 18, 2011

BBA# 27 Potatoe Rosemary Bread

This is a very tasty bread,I actually made this last week, so I'm a little short on memory of any issues, should have made notes. I do recall that I micro waved the potato instead of boiling,boiling would have been best. As I needed to add some milk to the mashed potato it was so dry.  Used roasted garlic*, fresh garden rosemary for this ,also my loaves were darker then the photo shown.The bread was easy,uses a biga,then mix the rest of the ingredients,knead,rise,shape, rise,bake, cool, EAT!! The best part! Can't say I enjoyed this as much as a sour dough rosemary garlic bread, but it was good none the less.I toasted some slices and spread them with our homemade olive tapenade, delicious!
Let's make some bread!...........
biga warming on work table
biga,flour,salt.pepper,yeast,oil,mashed potato,rosemary.Added 3/4 cup water, mixed,then kneaded by hand
flattened dough, spread chopped roasted garlic over it,then kneaded the garlic in
placed into an oiled bowl to rise
about 1 +1/2 hours doubled
made 2 boules ,let rise ,then  brushed with olive oil and baked
baked 40 minutes ,cooled 1 hour,sliced and tasted.Good tasting,nice rosemary and garlic flavor not too heavy (imo)

*Roasted Garlic
 remove cloves from 2-3 heads ( or as much as you want) of garlic, keeping cloves in their skins.Toss with olive oil to coat the cloves.Spread cloves out on a baking sheet lined with parchment and place in a 350 degree oven, roast 8-10 minutes,remove let cool,place in freezer bag and freeze.Remove cloves  from freezer as needed.


  1. yum! I'm looking forward to making this loaf. Roasted garlic in it sounds lovely

  2. Looks really good. This is one of the BBA breads I was excited to try. I'm a little behind so this has me excited to catch up.