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Monday, June 13, 2011

BBA#22 Pain De Campagne

This bread I really enjoyed eating,it is flavorful, not too dense,tender crust.With this recipe I did not do a step by step photo process.The dough consists of a pate ferment which is then blended with bread flour and some rye or ww flour,I chose some of each, yeast salt water.It came together easily with a little adjustment of flour. It rose in 2 hours.
I selected three shapes, the crown, the fendu,and the cap. shaping the batard and the boule, I found this method works for me, this is a link a fellow Baker posted, on her blog Life and Bread.


The fendu or split batard is cut side down on the pan,the crown shows the creases, the cap is just a piece of dough rolled thin then placed on top of a boule that has been lightly oiled .
They are to rise 1+1/2 their size,which I thought I did properly.

As you can see in the baked loaves, the creases of the crown sealed, as well as the split in the batard.Since the cap is not creased it came out fine.
It seems I may have proofed them past that one and a half point of rise.
Regardless the bread is delicious, sort of a tender Italian type bread, which we really enjoyed, the cap loaf disappeared with dinner!
I would not consider this a difficult recipe other than the shaping may be a little tricky.Although PR has photos of various breads that can be made from this dough, he does not show the baked crown, but shows the fendu which does have a distinctive split.
I can only assume I over proofed the the loaves, the next time i will pay close attention to the proof stage.

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  1. Jim, nice try on all the shapes!!! I still think it looks great.