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Monday, June 27, 2011

BBA#(23) 24 Pizza Napaletna

Pizza, an awesome food you could probably live on,bread, vegetables (tomatoes, herbs,) olive oil, and cheese!All good for you. Now which type of pizza, well we have thick crust Sicilian and thin crust ,Napaletana. That's my favorite, thin crisp crust that flops it's so thin, dripping with melted mozzarella .
 Living and growing up in Brooklyn NY, Italian pizza was simple to get, when there's one every two blocks! Most were great, some less than, but there are so many preferences and varied tastes, one could find his/her favorite.I attended a junior high, guess their called middle school now, in Coney Island. Johnny's Pizzeria on Mermaid Ave ,two blocks from the school served a thick crust pizza, whole pie,10 slices, $1.50, OK so it's 1958,But the pizza was great to me then, my palette has changed a great deal from my youth.
  This recipe I found to be closest to thin crust pizzeria style .I had an issue in making the dough, given it's a simple one,the dough cleared the sides of the mixer bowl, and then the bottom.So I drizzled in a tbsp of water, get's all sloppy and then absorbs into the dough....and clears the bottom, soo I add more water.Again it gets all sloppy and absorbs into the dough...and once again clears the bottom.After the fourth time it stuck to the bottom...Except ,when I lifted the dough hook, I didn't have dough, I had  oozing blob,that stuck to the wall of the bowl and everything that touched it. OK, add some flour, eventually I had a very tacky dough, which I then cut into 4 instead of the 6 pieces in the recipes. Actually I had doubled the recipe to have some reserve in the freezer, therefore I had eight pieces.   


  1. Great post! This is the standard dough I use for all my pizza; light, airy, and great flavor. You should try it on a pizza stone in a BBQ over some wood chips ~ gives it a brick oven smokey taste. Is that a mini doughnut pan I see in the background? Yay!

  2. Love the pizza! I made this crust a while back and loved it! Hopefully I will have time to make some more bread soon, but sure do LOVE seeing everyone else's!

  3. Hey Jim -

    That white pizza looks really good! I also like the burnt aspects on your red. I know some people bitch and moan if there's anything burnt on a pizza, but to me, you need a few burnt spots for authenticity!

  4. I love all the detail pictures. Looks yummy!!

  5. Great looking pizza, and all the detail photos are wonderful.