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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spinach,Cheese,Walnut Stuffed Pork Cutlets

It was a typical monday,what's for dinner? A look in the freezer shows  chicken breast on the bone,had that yesterday.Boneless pork cutlets,( I buy whole or half loins on sale,cut to size),Hmmm, I'm gonna pound out these and stuff em with something.
Filled rolled cutlets, whether beef or pork or chicken is not new,but it allows a variety of filling choices.On hand we had baby spinach, always reggie parm, who could live without fresh garlic and onions,chicken,beef stock in the pantry,I'm rolling now!  The image evolved, thinly pounded pork cutlets,seaoned with salt and pepper,sprinkled with minced garlic,fine chopped walnuts ,( or pine nuts) grated reggie parm,and a layre of baby  spinach,rolled and tied! When all 4 were assembled, dredged in flour,and browned in olive oil.Removed to a warm platter,to the pan,added one small onion chopped,sauted till soft,added 4 cremini mushrooms (also called baby bella ) diced,cooked till soft,added minced garlic,cook one minute,add 1 can beef broth,1/4 red wine, bring to a boil,lower to a simmer,add pork rolls,cver, let simmer about 45 minutes. Remove rolls to warm platter,pour broth and veggies into a sauce pot,puree with a hand imersion blender,( or in a blender,a little at a time),till smooth. Bring to boil,cook till reduced and thickened.

pounded thin in zip bag
topped with s&p garlic,walnuts
topped with reggie parm
layer of baby spinach
ready to tie
removing excess string
dredge in flour
brown on all sides(I should have inserted tooth picks horizontal
 with roll),easier to brown all sides
removed rolls added veggies,saute onions first,then mushroom, shredded carrot,add garlic
add beef broth and rolls,bring to simmer
simmer covered about 45 minutes
remove rolls to warm platter,cover.pour broth and veggies into saucepot
puree with hand imersion blender(or table top blender,small amounts at a time)
add sauce top with roll cut in half
conclusions: Flavor of rolls was great all fillings were detectable,although It could have simmered for only 15-20 minutes,would have been enough..The sauce  was too rich,and competed with the meat.Next time,I'll just brown the rolls 2-3 minutes a side,remove and make a  lighter sauce with
 tbs or 2 of onion,no garlic, cup of broth,1/4 cup red wine,reduce by half,add 1/4-1/2 cup cream and reduce till thickened.Also a rue could be made,saute the onions till soft,add 1-2 tbs flour,cook 2 min,add broth and wine stirring till thick.


  1. Great Tio Jim!!! What exactly do you use for "rope" to tie it up? Thx. Mike

  2. Looks really good, I will have to try that sometime soon. Looks like you are a great cook and baker!

  3. thanks Joanne, I really do enjoy the challenge of creating something different.Sometimes it works and some have to be tweaked a bit,most enjoyable ...is getting to eat your creation!