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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pizza Nite!

Who doesn't love pizza? Yeah I know there are some unfortunate souls,who cannot or will not wrap their minds around crispy crust,oozing blobs of melted cheese,succulent toppings..sad.
Well we decided tonite was pizza nite,had some dough in freezer from last batch( an Alton Brown recipe),only thing I changed was to adjust 1/4 of flour with White Lily Light flour,otherwise made as recipe listed.Decided on a sauteed shrimp & garlic,.mozarella,fresh bosc pear topping.Did I mention just a touch of blue cheese.By no means am I a pizza expert,love making them though,so I don't get upset  at strange shapes of pizza dough,after all it's homemade,hand made with love,right!Plus it was an easy to make dinner,after having spent the afternoon bottling my kit made Australian Cabernet Sauvigion,thats been bulk aging 13+ months.I'll post that soon.So Back to the pizza,Doris defrosted the shrimp and cut each into 3 pieces,i chopped 2 cloves garlic fine,cut one bosc pear in half  ,wrapped the other half  for another use,cored and sliced thin the remaining half.Doris had already thin sliced the mozzarella,oven was at 550 degrees.time to assemble.The photos  tell the rest... Oh Did I mention..It was Delicious!! OK I didn't fix time /date.again!
defrosted pizza dough
cut in half,let rest
sauteed shrimp & garlic
sliced bosc pear
OK,It's not round,topped with garlic shrimp
mozzarella topping and pears
delish,but I'l prebake the next one 3 minutes
prebaked this one 3 min,shrimp and garlic added
topped with with mozzarella and pears
OOOOhhh can you smell it!!
hot,crispy crust,melting cheese,heaven!!

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