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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I began the 9th challenge with taking a photo progress of the recipe so I could post them on my NEW blog (being of the 'Older Generation' this was a mile stone in technological acheivement!).There fore I set out all the ingtredients for the Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread on my island.Pleased with the arrangement,took the first photo. 
I then began the process of making the dough,..what the...why do I have a batter spining   in my mixer ( just as I don't know why the font size changed?) Ok, I was supposed to have 1/2 cup of buttermilk, I had mistakenly poured out a full cup,and used it.So now ,added flour ,about 1&1/2 cups to get a kneadable dough.When it was done,threw it into a zip lock bag ,coated on the inside with spray oil,put it in the fridge for a tommorrow something.
Then began the recipe over again,this time using accurate measurements.All went smootly,the loaves were great,delicious.
NOW,next day,well I have always embellished breads and buns before,what could I do with this goof dough?Being ( both of us) CHOCOHOLICS, the answer was simple,add dark chocolate chips to the filling.Now ,not just any chocolate,it has to be Gheradelli 60* cocoa chips.
 Wait! I just remembered I have homemade almond paste in the freezer from the 7 layer cookies I made for Chrustmas.I'll make one loaf with almond paste and chocolate chips and the other with raisins,walnuts and chocolate chips!
In retrospect, I would knead in the chocolate chips ,as they were a bit over powering in oneswirl.
 So, Here are the photos of the #9 GOOF loaf ,another way to create something delicious out of an otherwise mistake.We are limited only by our imagination...!!
this is the first photo,notice the cup of buttermik

goof dough in the ziplock bag,fermented overnite in the fridge, 
almond paste in the dish

rolled almod paste between the cut open veggie bags from the market

coated with cinnamon/sugar

topped with the rolled almond paste,raisins,chocolate chips

this loaf topped with cinnamon/sugar,raisins,chocolate chips

the left loaf almond paste filling,the other chocolate raisin walnut

                                             lastly, I apologizse for still not having changed the date stamp!

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  1. Must say, this loaf looks awesome! Nothing better than chocolate and almond paste. My sweet tooth is kicking in.