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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BBA #11 Cranberry Walnut Bread

 Seems almost everyone enjoyed this recipe,and all the breads  look great.I was looking forward to this one as fruit and nut breads are among my favorite.I chose to do a braid with half and a sandwich loaf with the rest.I plumped the cranberries overnight in 1 cup of hot water,which created all kinds of problems .One ,I added the butter milk but needed to add 1/4 cup of more liquid,used the drained cranberry soaker.When (and I knew) I added the moist cranberries ,it created a sloppy mess.Had to add approx 3/4 cup flour to keep on track.It rose fine, divided ,shaped, eggwashed,Then had to pick up the wife,didn't put the loaves in the fridge as I should have.By the time we got back they were a liite over proofed.
 The resulting bread had a lighter spongy texture,the cranberries had lost their flavor from soaking I guess.The overall taste was good,not great to me.
When I make this again no soaking fruit for me
Cranberries added in the mixer,walnuts kneaded in by hand
I save butter wrappers for greasing,when butter is in bread
Ready to proof
2 hour proof
divided by eye
Shaped one braid one loaf
About 2 hours later,a little over proofed
Hot from the oven,golden from the eggwash,temp was 190
Crumb of loaf, spongy and light from over proof

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  1. Sorry the soaked cranberries caused troubles! When I soaked mine I used the water that the recipe called for, I still had to make some adjustments, but it wasn't a lot. I started with my dough on the dry side, then mixed the cranberries in using my mixer. Not sure why your cranberries would lose flavor either, mine actually tasted really good! As the bread aged, the cranberries lost flavor though, which created a much different tasting bread a few days later.

    Your loaves look awesome though!