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Sunday, March 27, 2011

BBA#12 English Muffins

This is th 12th BBA recipe ,English Muffins.I don't know anyone who doesn't like a toasted English muffin oozing with melted butter and or jam.I was really excited to do this one,as it's a bread I have not tried before,although I do have recipes for it.
 This was a simple direct method dough,assemble,mix,hydrate,knead,proof,shape ,proof,cook,easy.That's how all recipes are intended,but there is always 'that factor',of individual interpretations of instructions.I know,been there,as well as others,yet we all wind up making great bread!
So here I go;
 flour,salt,sugar,yeast, blended,added  6 oz +1 tsp butter milk ,over poured a bit,mixed till dough came together,still a bit sticky
Out of bowl,ready to knead by hand
Begining of knead dough was sticky,added scant dustings of flour to my hands,and kneaded,flouring my hands as required by dough feel
 After 10 minutes of kneading dough is tacky,no longer sticky,temp was 77,passed window pane test,though I forgot to photo it
Placed in oil sprayed bowl, covered let rise
90 minutes later,doubled and a little yeast bubble poking it's head on top
 Measured off  6, 3 oz pieces and shaped into boules
Placed on oil sprayed parchment sprinkled with corn meal,  lightly oil sprayed tops and covered with plastic ( I used a  market greens size bag,unused of course,cut open,large and priced right)
90 minutes later , little boules ready to griddle
Carefully (as possible) lifted them with my flat metal spatula to the 350 degree preheated  griddle surface.Cooked 8 minutes first side.
Gently using spatula turned them over,you can see where my helping fingers made indentations in them.Cooked 8 minutes on this side also
Here I placed them on a baking sheet that was preheating in the oven till 350 degrees.I didn't want to place them on a cold sheet and then lose the heat in them already.Baked 8 minutes in oven at 350.
Cooled and fork split created lots of nooks and crannies  

Toasted  and buttered one,wife said it's better than Thomas' Wow!
Sunday breakfast: Shrimp Burger Patty on BBA English Muffin,poached eggs,cheese sauce and breakfast sausage. I'll post the Shrimp Burger  recipe in another post,they are delicious,and easy to make.


  1. I'm drooling over your cheese sauce! Lovely English muffins, I might add....

  2. Thanks Frieda, It's a simple bechamel to which I added sharp chedder.

  3. Your muffins look GREAT! The sandwiches look like something my husband would love, so I was very happy to see you also posted the recipe you used! I will definitely be trying it soon.

  4. Wow Jim, I think these look wonderful-especially once you dressed them up with eggs and sauces!!!