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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BBA Challenge 2011

Well I finally got his blog up,kinda put it off for a long while.I may or may not have it all right at this time,but as in anything experience is the best teacher .So let the experience Begin!

I began the BBA 20011 challenge with the first recipe Annadama Bread.Currently the group of us at Chris' site http://akuindeed.com/?p=3539, just finished the 8th recipe Cinnamon Buns.
 I have been baking since the late 80's,some were good, some great, others were a learning curve.I have made this type of bun before It's one of my favorites,because the filling possibilities are endless.From the usual cinnamon/sugar to homemade almond paste ( I'll post a recipe eventually) dark chocolate chips,fruits ,nuts etc.In other words the recipe is versatile.
 I had not taken a complete photo progress of all the BBA recipes,but will for the future. 
The recipe is easy to follow, shape and bake.I did use lemon extract in the dough, and added golden raisins and chopped walnuts along with the cinnamon/sugar. I chose vanilla for the frosting using half of the icing recipe .I have a sweet tooth but too much is,well too much.Plus I would rather be able to taste all of the flavors of the bun. 
I gave half to our neighbors, if i didn't ,yes we would have eaten all of them,they were that good!

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  1. They sure do look good! I wished I had put raisins in mine, just sounds really good. My husband says I can make them again anytime I want!