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Saturday, March 12, 2011

BBA # 10 Corn Bread

This is the 10th recipe in the BBA challenge,fortunately,I love corn bread ,the Northern style,sweetened,Southern is usually made with white corn meal and no sugar.This recipe has yellow coarse (polenta grind/grits,) meal.Here in Charlotte NC, getting anything corn is a snap,I think they even put it in their baby formula,Polenta,Italian, another story,so I thought.Drove over to the natural/organic store,18 miles one way,bought Organic Polenta,$1.39 lb.Out of curiosity,stop at the local supermarket,no polenta,but..corn grits,looks like the same thing.Well, could have save myself the trip to the organic market,they had it here 1 mi away!Did  side by side comparison,you be the judge.
Back to the recipe, easy ,as, well corn bread, sift the dry (and whisk also ,sifting Does Not blend,only lightens), beat the wet, mix,pour bake, easy...except, could not get this cooked in 30 mi,40min,OK took 46 min,till the tooth pick came out dry, yet the internal temp was ONLY 145 degrees ?It had begun to shrink from the sides,I knew it was done.Didn't cut and taste till 3 hours later, errands, well it's rich with corn taste,crunch from the kernel corn,textured from the coarse meal,and moist,almost, but not quite pudding,some where between corn bread and corn pudding, if this is actually how it's supposed to be.
 The wife thought it was a winner as did I ,very different than any we had before.
 What I would change is not using a spring form pan as the bacon fat did leak,glad I put a tray below.Perhaps having left my stone and the tray may have interfered with getting up to temp, don't know  for sure,maybe the more knowledgeable bakers can tell me. I promise I will Correct The Date Stamp!
Sifting The Flour,Salt.Baking Powder,Baking Soda.
Whisking To Thoroughly Blend
Added White,Brown Sugar To Dry Ingredients
Used Can Corn(fresh cut),Warmed The Cold Eggs In Hot Tap Water
Only Had Extra Lge Eggs,3 are 6.7oz, Too Much,Need 5 oz
Nice Blogger Upload,Put 1 Egg Separate In  Bowl
Beat The 1 Egg ,Poured Half In With The Other 2,About 5oz Now
Added Can Corn,Not Quite 2&1/2 Cups
Patted Off Excess Fat Before Crumbling
Two Tbsp Bacon Fat
Spread Bacon fat With Brush
Corn Bread Batter In Pan ,Topping With Crumbled Cooked Bacon 
After 46 Min,Tooth pick Came out Dry,Coolled And Cut Slice To Taste,Yum.
Organic Polenta From health Store On Right,Southern Corn Grits Left
Closer Look,Southern Grits On Left
Close Up,Look The Same To Me

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