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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BBA # 36 Stollen

This one is not next in order, but wanted to have it for Christmas.
This is one of my favorite holiday breads, i have made it prior to starting this BBA Challenge with mixed results. This time it was better, I think it was baked a little to long , and would cut back on PR"s time.
The bread can be made in one day,from starter to dough and baking, Although starting the brandied fruit mix the day before is best for flavor.
The instructions as written are ,what? I simply rolled and secured  leaving a bottom lip to represent the folded blanket it is meant to resemble. I don't see the need for a crescent shape at all.
Since a family member is alergic to nuts made one without. I do make my own candied lemon and orange peel and used store bought dried apricots,cranberries, apples and the raisins.The commercial dried colored candied fruits are in imo horrible, chemical tasting , preserved bits of non edible junk.
If I am to make 'homemade' breads why use that stuff, with all the readily available choices we have. Ok i ranted enough.......Here are the photos

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  1. Oh Jim, I love Stollen. I made 4 loaves this year also and did my own candied peel. I am with you on the cherry things. We need to figure out how to make our own candied cherries for next year.