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Monday, January 16, 2012

BBA # 34 Pumpernickel Bread

Growing up in NY, Brooklyn specifically, rye and pumpernickel bread were often eaten with lunch meats or in the case of pumpernickel, cream cheese and jelly ,yum.
 This was not that bread for me. I didn't have coarse rye, so I used my KA whole rye and added in the bran and germ that was sifted out to make the NY deli rye. I used half rye and half bran/germ.
 The bread was not as dark as PR's photo even though I used the amount of cocoa stated, could use more. Nor did the bread have that tangy pumpernickel flavor. I did add crumbs from the multi grain mash bread. As a sandwich bread ,really good, just not real pumpernickel. You have to judge for yourself ( BBA Members)
I have made pumpernickel from Bernard Clayton's book 'New Complete Book Of Breads' the book that started my bread baking in 1988, that bread was dark , used rye & wheat flours as well as corn meal and molasses, along with chocolate. To each his own ,well the process went without problems.
Next time I will use all rye and more chocolate, pehaps the molasses as well.
Here are the photos:
 the color of the crumb is light for a pumpernickel, as well as the flavor, tastes more of a deli rye 
the texture was good

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  1. Looks yummy, but I agree that it looks more like rye than pumpernickle