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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WGB #31 &32 Whole Wheat Mash & Multi Grain Mash Bread

I did both these bread twice, the mash bread had a bitter  after taste.may have been to over fermenting my starter, and then over proofing. Or may simply have been something else.In any event I ground it up and it became bird food.
 The multi grain first attempt was disappointing,the pre cooked grains did nothing after 3 hours of total cooking and resting in the warm oven. Although the flavor and chewy texture was very good.
 For the second bake the mash bread was better,although i can't say it is my favorite to date, just good. On the other loaf I used a mixture of raw grains consisting of quinoa, wheat & rye berries, cracked wheat, and whole flax seeds. they did absorb all the water in the mashing process and seemed to gelatinize some.
 The flavor was better than the first try and had a really chewy texture , a good soup & cheese bread as well as a sandwich.  
In the second bake i made two loaves of each, as the dough was ample to do so.

this is the first attempt, the breads were quite large do to over proofing.I had to move one to another pan halfway through the bake the multi grain is on the left
crumb ,first multi grain

mash crumb first bake

mash crumb second bake
multi grain 

multi grain crumb

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