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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wgb # 30 julekage, Danish christmas Bread

This  whole wheat version of a Christmas bread seems odd to me as only having had the more common all purpose/ bread flour ones. It is healthier though. I only made the Julekage,as I made Panettone and Stollen from the BBA Challenge and didn't care to do them again in the WGB Challenge. I simply had had enough of baking,baking and baking for this Christmas. 
The fruit soaker and the addition of cardamon is the distinguishing spice that sets it apart from Stollen and Panettone .I didn't care for the taste of this bread,my ground cardamon was probably from ???And may be the reason for the off taste, or it's that flavor .Although now that I recall i bought that ground cardamon maybe 10+ years ago..ugh.So much for fresh. That puts me in a 'gonna have to do over' BUT not now.Really had my fill of Holiday breads.
After tasting ,I sliced both loaves and wrapped in packages of 6 slices for my wife to bring to her pottery class . They all liked it?
Here are the photos


  1. Jim, you were really baking for the holidays. One of my all time favorite cook books is called Celebration Breads by I think Betsy Oppenheimer. She has tons of recipes from all over the world and tells the story of the bread. I bet you would love that cookbook as it features so many of the breads and some that you baked this holiday season.

  2. All your holiday breads look great, and I'm loving having a preview of several good WGB loaves for when I tackle that one.