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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BBA # 33 Poilane-Style Miche

This bread is the cover photo of Pr's BBA book. I had made the whole grain version full size and decided to make three smaller loaves to share. The process went as described wtih just a minor difficulty. The volume of ingredients were very hard to blend by hand in the bowl. I eventually dumped everything onto the work surface and kneaded them together.  During the knead it was evident I had added more water than needed  ,which required an additional cup + of ww flour. All did come together smoothly and tacky.
The rise was faster than 4 hours , more like 3. 
One issue i found was I had used 2 wicker baskets lined with muslin as proofing bowls. When I turned the boules out onto my peel they had developed a crust. That made it difficult to score them cleanly.
 The finished bread was crusty and chewy , and a bit dry, I may have over baked them. That's why it's called a challenge! lol !

 It appears i will be doing this one again ! Here are my photos. I had already given away two so I had only one to shoot.
I found it impossible to blend  well in the bowl

I dumped all out onto the work surface
a nicely kneaded Large volume of dough!
first rise
final rise ready for the oven
finished loaf

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