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Saturday, December 31, 2011

BBA#24 Panettone

When we were up to this bread ,well it was summer,who wants to bake a holiday bread in summer? Chris agreed we would skip this till Christmas ,a good idea. The recipe uses a wild yeast sponge,since we needed to make these for earlier recipes it was on hand to use.The fruits, chopped dried aprcots, dried cranberries,dried apples and raisins are soaked in brandy and extracts over night. 
The final dough was quite wet with no additional water,required about 1/2 cup flour to get it right. The first rise went as planned as well as the second, a little slow.
I chose to make 4 breads in paper panettone wrappers instead of 2 large. The paper container was a little too big ,and had to trim them down.
The total time for the 4 breads was a little over 1 hour of baking.
sliced into rounds for  a french toast breakfast
abosolutely dlicious french toast!

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