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Friday, December 30, 2011

WGB #27 Power Bread

This recipe uses a pre soaker a soaker and a biga.The pre soaker is of raisins and whole flax seeds, which helps to start a germination of the flax,making it more digestable and nutritious.I made the biga and presoaker the same day. Then made the soaker using the pre soaker the next day and the final dough the day sfter.
  I keep my sunflower seeds in the freezer to maintain their freshness.Grinding them to a flour was easily done in my spice mill, perhaps due to still being in a frozen state.
The recipe went as described and rose nicely in the loaf pan. I chose not to do the rye breads #26, as I don't care for them.
The bread was delicious toasted and buttered (Thanks for the tip Joe!)

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