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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wgb#1 Transitional Wheat Bread

This is the first of our WGB bread recipes.Transitional Wheat Bread, sort of a 50/50 ww and bread flour mix, to acclimate non ww eaters to ww breads, thus the name transitional. the recipe is simple.Mix ww flour with salt,milk ,cover let sit at room temp overnite,or up to 24 hours. Next make a dough of bread flour,yeast, filtered water, refrigerate overnite. Next day make the final dough, remove soaker and biga ( bread flour preferment) from fridge, cut them into a dozen or so pieces to warm, under plastic wrap.
There were no unusual problems,thru the process, and thru the final dough .Al came together in the mixer as stated, this is an easy recipe that even a beginner could do with any issues(imo).
the bread did rise and spread  significantly in the oven, I would have made two smaller loaves instead of one large one.
Let's make some Bread!! 

the ww soaker,and the biga
cut up the soaker and biga into a dozen or so pieces let them warm about 2 hours
they have warmed and risen also
after mixing with the rest of the final dough ingredients and kneading about 5 minutes,  allowed the dough to rest 5 minutes, then kneaded again one minute, the dough was soft and tacky,  placed in an oiled bowl to rise

about 1 hour later, the dough has not quite doubled

turned out on a floured surface
shaped into a baguette. Used the method shown here ...

placed on parchment lined sheet pan, spray oiled the parchment first,covered and let rise
about 45 minutes later, scored and baked with steam pan in oven
after 45 minutes bread was 200 degrees and sounded hollow when tapped on bottom.The flavor was nutty and wheaty