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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BBA#19 Marbled Rye Bread

 I love rye bread, come to think of it, I love all bread, if it's home baked or exceptional artisian store bought.Well back to this challenge, first I couldn't get white rye,PR says it's rye flour that has been sifted twice.I can do that,which I did, twice, and noticed the bran was close to 30+ percent of the total, maybe even 40,though I didn't weigh it at the time. After sifting ,I began the process, It is a simple direct method bread, no complicated handling or exotic ingredients, except for the white rye in my case,it is simple to follow along.The final dough feel should be supple and barely tacky,easy enough to achieve,add water or flour to get there.I did moisten my hands with water making the dark rye portion,to get a softer dough ,because it was a bit too firm as I kneaded.With the additional moisture it was right on.
  The recipe makes two or four smaller loaves, which at first thought why make soo much,do half,but as we have never cooked for just two,why go through all the process and have none left for another meal.If the recipe serves 8 we still make it,refridgerating some and freezing some, this cuts down on actually having to cook every day,even though I enjoy it, hey ,I like a day off too!
I decided to make two smaller swirled freeform loaves and 8 rolls.Some to give away some to freeze for the homemade pastrami I'll make.
 I did have to adjust the baking times for the smaller loaves, 45mim, and 25 min for the rolls.This recipe as all others in the challenge are from Peter Reinhardt's book ,the Bread Baker's Apprentice, which is needed of course to follow in the challenge, If you are interested, buy the book.I got mine at Amazon.com, at a reasonable price. the challenge is being hosted by Chris at akuindeed.com  
Let's make some bread!!

Since I couldn't get 'white rye flour' I sifted my rye twice to remove most of the bran.The bowl on left contains the sifted out bran, which I will use another time. 
Mixed the white rye with bread flour,yeast,salt,mollasses.Tip: oil the spoon first and the sticky mollasses will slide off easily, I know you wont have the spoon to lick ,but at least the right amount will be in the mix!
Added the 10 oz of water
Mixed till it all came together
Covered the bowl with plastic and let the dough autolyse for 20 minutes,during this time the flour hydrates and enzymes begin to break out the sugars in the flour. A tip I learned from Joanne a co BBAer,at  life and Bread
After the 20 minutes rest, hand kneaded for 6 minutes the dough was placed in an oiled bowl  covered it with plastic to rise for 90 minutes
This is the dark rye dough ,same process and ingredients as the white ,except it contains 2 tbsps of  unsweetened cocoa powder for color.
Again ,let the dough autolyse 20 minutes
Kneaded 6 minutes by hand, I did need to add a Little water to get the dough right, then placed in an oiled bowled and covered with plastic to rise for 90 minutes
As I wanted to have some rolls, I divided each dough in half ,then divided one piece into 8ths and one dark piece into 8ths.Combined them to make the rolls of about 4 oz more or less.
Shaped into rounds by rolling and pressing hard against the table surface
Flattened the rolls into 4 inch or so disks, placed onto a lightly oil sprayed parchment on a sheet pan
The other two pieces of dough I divided in half again and cut each piece into 4, which I rolled out to about 8' x 4" .Stacked the 4 layers starting with white then dark ,white ending with dark.Shaped into two loaves, sealed bottom seam and put on to a sheet pan lined with oiled sprayed parchment Covered with plastic wrap and let rise about an hour ,till almost double,brushed the loaves with an egg wash ,1 egg beaten with a tsp water .Baked the loaves 45 minutes at 350
The rolls have risen, brushed with egg wash and baked at 350 for 25 minutes
the loaves were at 200 degrees after 45 minutes at 350. sounded hollw when tapped on the bottom
Allowed to cool for two agonizing hours of smelling these delicious aromas eminating from the kitchen
finally at 10:30 pm they were cool ,cut and butter and Eat!!  The flavor was distinctly rye,with a soft tender crumb,and crisp crust,I had to keep buttering and tasting,yes I let the wife join in,we ate 2/3 of it till we were finally ready to pass judgement. THIS IS REALLY GOOD!! Can't wait to make the pastrami!!


  1. Looks great. I love rye too.

  2. I love the fact that you made rolls from this recipe. Some of them have that ying/yang look!

  3. I agree with Frieda, the rolls look wonderful! There are nice swirls in your bread too. I'm hoping to have time for this soon. BTW, I love your butterfly pictures!

  4. Hope you do a post on those butterflies!