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Sunday, May 15, 2011

BBA # 18 Light Wheat Bread

This is a part  whole wheat bread ,33 percent , according to Peter Reinhardt's recipe.He claims it's simmilar to off the shelf type wheat breads, I dissagree, it's better. It's not the best bread I have ever made or eaten, but on it's own merits, still very good, afterall, it's fresh from the oven, you get to enjoy the aroma of it while baking, the fact that there are no chemical additives, etc,just flour, yeast,honey water,dry milk.
 The one exception I have with the recipe as written, is the fact that two pounds of dough ( mine was 31 oz), will not fit in a 8 1/2 x4 1/2 loaf pan, that volume requires a 9x5 pan or 2 -7x3 pans. Giving PR the benefit of the doubt, it may just be a typo.Still someone is proof reading, right? Ok, maybe.
  In all a simple to make bread,direct method, you'll have fresh bread in about 4 hours,not including cooling time. Having now made this recipe,I see oppurtunities for enhancements, such as ,sunflowers seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, soaked bulgur wheat etc, will cahnge this to a more interesting flavor and texture.
     The results are , except for the too small pan size , the recipe performed as stated, proof times,rise times and baking, mine needed 45 minutes and I did not place the loaf pan on a sheet pan.
 Here are the procedure photos:
flour, ww flour,yeast,dms(dry milk solids),salt
blended the dry ingredients, then added 10 oz water, mixed ,then added shortening,and honey
dough came together after a couple minutes

covered bowl and allowed the dough to autolyse, a tip from Joanne at life and bread, she is an accomplished home baker, here is link to her blog...
after the 30 min autolyse, kneaded 5 min by hook,then 3 minutes by hand,dough was at 80 degrees
placed dough on an oiled bowl to rise,covered with plasic wrap
90 minutes later it is doubled
Clearly the pan size in the recipe is incorrect, as you see the dough completely fills the 8 1/2x4 1/2 size pan.
the dough weighed 31 oz, a 9x5 loaf pan is the correct size for this amount of dough
90 minutes later it's nicely risen
fresh from the oven, the internal temp was 200 degrees,brown on top and sides, sounded hollw when tapped on the bottom. Allowed to cool for 2 hours, as stated in recipe
 Crumb shot, we enjoyed this with a buttery spread at dinner

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  1. Beautiful loaf of bread! That turned out really nice, and what a great crumb shot.