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Monday, May 9, 2011

BBA#17 LaVash Crackers

This was a simple to make dough and roll out, the thinner the better.I used half of the dough at a time to get it as thin as possible, which worked well.The toppings can be any assortment of seeds, dried herbs ,spices,ground or crushed, use what you like.Make it mild, or spicy. I prefered to bake it whole ,then break into irregular pieces. Mixed the flour,salt,yeast,honey (note: measure the oil first then use the oiled spoon for the honey,it will flow out easily),oil, water.
 Kneaded 10 minutes by hand.
put into oiled bowl to rise till double
Dough has doubled after 90 minutes, The spices i used were sesame seeds,cumin seeds,poppy seeds,black mustard seeds,smoked paprika,fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt.
How it looked from the oven
Broke into pieces by hand,they were crisp for the most part where the dough was thinnest,a bit chewy where thicker. Joanne at http://journeywithbaking.blogspot.com/, gave a great tip to crisp the crackers, by placing them in a low oven for 10 minutes or so,just check now and then,she said it works for any cracker that needs a recrisping.
 The taste was better than the ones we had purchased in those plasic trays,and since we have control over the seasonings  ,the flavors are our chocies . I went ahead and made another batch, this time doubling the recipe.but still using only half ( 1/4 in this case) to roll out as thin as I could.We really enjoyed them, the wife took some to her pottery class,she said they were gone in minutes!


  1. The seasonings look great on this. I had my first lavash sandwich this weekend. It was delishious. Turkey, bacon, chedder, chipolte mayo, it was really good :)