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Monday, October 17, 2011

Whole Grain Breads #21 Cinnamon Buns

This was not my best effort, I doubled the recipe, since I had 2 trays i rotated and flipped the trays halfway through. Somehow i thought to use the convection bake setting of my oven,which would have been fine, if i remembered to 'reduce' the baking time,which I didn't. to compound it, i failed to roll it tightly, the results were dry over bake buns, sigh...
   The dough ,In my opinion could use more sweetening,and a flavor, such as, an extract or fresh orange peel, or both, because it definitely needs to be kicked up from a bland wheat bread taste to a dessert type flavor.
  I am ,at this time,not considering playing with this recipe, perhaps some future day when the urge hits me.As it is, doing 2 bread challenges  is more than enough on my plate,with everything else in my life.
Here are my photos.......

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