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Friday, October 7, 2011

WGB # 19 Anadama Bread

This was the first bread of the 'BBA' challenge, which is still on going. It used a  soaker . This whole grain recipe also utilizes a soaker and for an airy crumb, a biga. I totally enjoyed the first anadama, this one was just as good, and healthier due to the whole wheat .The only difference this time which may or may not have had an effect on the bread, was the biga was left at room temperature for 5 hours . As I was involved in another project and away from the house. I would think there would be more happy yeast cells and perhaps a little more flavor development. I would have to make it again to see the difference if any.
   The flavor was of molasses and wheat with a hint and slight texture of corn meal, which I enjoyed.I let it cool an hour then sliced it, it was still a bit warm and the crumb and not fully set yet. Spread with a non butter spread, it was delicious. made in a mini loaf pan ,this would be great with roast poultry, or ham.
Here are the photos.....

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