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Thursday, August 11, 2011

WGB # 10 Transitional German many Seed Bread

This delicious bread loaded with healthy seeds is the 10th of our Whole Grain Breads Challenge using Peter Reinhart's Book of the same name. It utilizes a soaker whole wheat and rye flour with whole or ground flax seeds. I didn't know the flax seeds need to be ground or if used whole need to be germinated first,as in the soaker, for our body to make use of the nutritional value of the seed .The other part of the dough uses a biga of bread flour, both are combined after a 24 hour soak and a cold ferment for the biga.
  The final dough incorporates the soaker ,biga , whole wheat flour,sesame seeds,toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds,agave or honey as a sweetener,and yeast. The finished bread is  dense ,wheaty ,rich with a nutty seed flavor unlike any bread I have tasted, truly enjoyable and healthy. 

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