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Sunday, August 14, 2011

BBA # 31 NY Deli Rye

Having been fortunate to grow up in Brooklyn, NY., where real Jewish Deli's were plentiful, I fondly reminisce of those overloaded pastrami sandwiches on Deli rye bread. Now again fortunately I am able to make my own NY deli rye , thanks to the BBA challenge, hosted by Chris . The recipe uses a rye sponge starter that starts with a barm ( as Peter Reinhart calls it) which is actually a wild yeast starter. or sponge, or mother as it is often affectionately refered to. The Rye sponge also contains sauted onions that are added after they have cooled, the sponge then ferments 3-4 hours after which it is refrigerated overnight. The final dough contains bread flour, white rye ( rye that has been sieved to remove the bran and germ), brown sugar,yeast, salt,vegetable oil,buttermilk,or regular milk,and if desired caraway seeds. The usual procedure of bread making is used, mix add wet, mix, knead,proof, shape ,proof. bake.
  There were no difficulties I encountered  during the processs besides having to strain the whole rye to get enough white rye for the recipe, the bran was almost 50% of the total flour. I eventually added some of the bran to other breads I made, including the lavash crackers, which gave them a nice flavor.
 If you would like to make this bread or any others posted here, simply get a copy of Peter Reinhart's book The Bread Bakers Apprentice, and join us, all are welcome. or bake on your own, which is not as much fun.
 Let's make some Deli Rye....

sifting the whole rye ,the bag on right is the bran
bread flour,rye,yeast,salt,brown sugar,caraway seeds
adding the rye sponge
in goes the buttermilk
the vegetable oil,after the dough has mixed a while
onto the work table to rest while I clean the bowl
kneaded briefly to get firm slightly  tacky dough
into the cleaned oiled bowl to rise till double
doubled and ready to devide and shape

loaves have doubled
hot from the oven
after cooling ,sliced, nice crumb  

Had to make a hot pastrami sandwich with the NY Deli Rye, it was delicious !

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  1. Your bread looks so good! I've been wanting to make this one and I have a bag of whole rye and a bag of white rye but I read mixed reviews of it so I put it off