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Thursday, August 11, 2011

BBA # 30 Basic Sour Dough Bread

This basic sour dough bread recipe ,has you create a wild yeast starter, since (I) we had already made one for the second bread of this challenge, all that was required was to build it into a larger amount.My mother starter was already 3 months old and grew without problems. I chose to use all of my starter instead of  making a firm starter with it, an option in the recipe to do so.
  I had made this before with fresh rosemary and roasted garlic,and all enjoyed it immensely.The dough is simple to make, mix the starter with the final dough ingredients, knead, place in an oiled bowl for a 3-4 proof, shape, I made 3 boules. I left the dough a little more hydrated then it should have been which made the boules slouch .But they were still delicious.  
I soon realized they were too close, rather then trying to lift them off ,I used a razor to slice the parchment paper ,then lifted  the middle one to another sheet pan . Lifted the other 2 off and placed a new sheet of parchment  on the pan and replaced the 2 boules to it.
We almost ate half, before I took the photo!

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