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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swedish Pancake Breakfast with Strawberry Compote

I had a little trouble sleeping soundly last night, finally got up about 8:45 ( hey it's Sunday!), the wife was  still sound asleep.While I was showering and planning breakfast, what you don't do that!, so ,I wanted something other than Sunday pancakes or waffles, already had my fill of English muffins.AH  HA, it came to me.. Swedish pancakes! I know I've got strawberries in the fridge,if they haven't spoiled by now, would be a great topping.Oh, I need to get a recipe! It's amazing how our lives have been transformed by the internet, in no time had several recipes, picked one and tweaked it a bit,ready to cook!
 Washed and cleaned the berries,cut off the leaves, sliced them in half ,threw them in a pot with a little sugar,covered them and let em cook, while I made the batter and put the sausage in a pan ( hey, I said it's Sunday).
 Swedish pancakes are very much a crepe, slightly sweet, some recipes use more eggs ,some less ,as it is a very personal preference I guess.
I have made many manicotti crepes and blintzes, Jewish crepes, this was no hassle to cook.
 So ,breakfast menu planned, I began:
The recipe:
1& 1/4 cup milk
2 large eggs room temperature ( place eggs in glass,let hot tap water run on them to warm)
3/4 cup ap flour sifted
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
 1 tsp vanilla
melted unsalted butter,  needed  about 6 oz for the 14 crepes 

 For the Strawberry Compote
 about 12 oz strawberries,washed hulled ,sliced in half,quarted if very large
 2 tbsp sugar
put all in small pot ,toss,cover cook over moderate heat, till as thick as you like,tasting ,adding sugar as desired,I did not add more.let cool  slightly,serve warm,reheat if needed

assembled ingredients,milk,eggs,sifted flour,salt,sugar,vanilla.had intened to use the electic griddle,but after pouring on two pancakes realized I had no controll over the shape,so switched to a 7" pan 
step one, beat eggs and milk
step two,gradually add flour beating in
step three,add salt ,then sugar,blend in
step four,add vanilla, mix in
step five, heat a pan, over medium heat, I used my 7" non-stick pan,coated it with some of the melted butter,wiping in on the pan with a paper towel.Using a 1/4 cup measure pour batter in pan ,tilting and swirling pan to coat evenly as possible.place back on heat and cook

 step six,  when edges look browned and top of batter looks dry( has lost that wet sheen) and is full of holes,using a heat proof spatula,lift and turn crepe

step seven, cook the other side about 30- 60 seconds, till slightly browned
step eight,when crepe is cooked,lift with heat proof spatula and place on a warmed plate,wipe out any crumbs with the buttered paper towel,and coat pan again lightly with the buttered towel
Step Nine,brush some melted butter on one side of crepe and roll up,placing on a warm plate
The most important step ten, placed rolled Swedish Pancakes on a warm serving plate,dust with powdered sugar and top with berry compote .In this case strawberries,blueberries,peaches anything you like may be used. They may also be spread with a filling before rolling, be creative and see what you can come up with! They are also a great dessert!
Did I mention they were delicious!

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  1. Wow those look amazing! Better than I've seen in any restaurant.