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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

                                                   Italian Casatta Cake

This is one of our favorite dessert cakes, easy and delicious; The recipe was given to me by a co-worker more years ago then I care to admit.

The components are easy , lady finger sponge, homemade or store bought, ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, maraschino cherries , mini semi sweet chips and vanilla.



The frosting is slightly sweetened stabilized whipped cream.

I used the base of the spring form pan,  to cut 2 rounds ,use trimmings to make center layer 
recipe is here

the filling is divided between two layers, I did moisten the layers with some  brandy and sweet  Marsala  wine, which is optional
It is best to let this cake ,still in spring form pan top plastic wrap covered in refrigerator for  at least one day, after frosting and decorating keep in covered container another day ,two more is even better.

Stabilized whipped cream coating, recipe is here


I made a piped chocolate design to go around cake, method is in the post A Dessert Challenge.
the pink top border is tinted whipped cream
 Cake can be as simple or decorative as desired, just whipped cream frosting and shaved chocolate and toasted sliced almonds on top is classic.




 Chocolate design ,top and base border complete, I made the chocolate design too high ,had to pipe extra pink top border to support the excess

fantasy stabilized whipped cream flowers

I am still learning to pipe flowers, added stems and leaves all are whipped cream

top view


finished cake

filling recipe
9" spring form pan,  1  1/2 sheet pan (13"x18") lady finger sponge
32 oz. container whole milk ricotta
1 cup powdered sugar
about 10  maraschino cherries diced 
2/3 cup mini semi sweet chocolate chips
 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
 blend all together with spatula till smooth and well mixed

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